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The Head of the Lake is a 3-mile course that starts in Lake Union at the College Club dock and ends near the UW Conibear Shellhouse. Click here for the COURSE MAP.

The course begins at along the northeastern shore of Lake Union and winds past the Pocock Rowing Center and under the University Bridge. It continues east through Portage Bay and the famous Montlake Cut. Upon entering Union Bay and Lake Washington, rowers maneuver around a buoyed 3-point turn that takes them northwest towards the finish line near Husky Stadium and the Conibear Shellhouse.

HOTL Map Large.jpg


Take a moment to familiarize yourself with what's behind you...or in front of you.

Pocock Turn (LWRC)

Big Turn at 3:10 (Capital Crew - U17 4+)

Full Course -- Big Turn at 14:15 (RCRC - JV8+)

3-minute version of the course (LUC)

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