Refer to this PARKING MAP for details and locations of lots and docks.

IMPORTANT: Due to a UW Husky home football game on Saturday, November 5th, there is NO PARKING at UW on Saturday. This includes Lots E-1 and E-18.



If you are arriving at HOTL with a boat trailer, you MUST contact Don Kuehn and provide him with your contact information. 

  • If you are arriving with a trailer on Saturday, contact Don Kuehn for alternative parking arrangements.

  • On Sunday morning, trailers may start arriving at 4:30am through the NORTH Gate only. You MUST enter from the NORTH entrance of Lot E-1 (see map). No trailers will be allowed to enter through the South entrance of Lot E-18. 

  • You may park your trailer near the front of Lot E-18 temporarily to unload equipment before moving to a permanent location. Please do not block cars or other trailers if doing so. ALL trailers must remain parked in Lot E-18 during the regatta.


NEW 2021: Due to dock closures at the Waterfront Activity Center (WAC), all car topped boats must launch and land from Conibear. There is NO launching and landing at the WAC. Cars with shells can park in E18 with the trailers. ALL CARS NEED TO ENTER THE E-1 PARKING LOT AT THE NORTH ENTRANCE. The south entrance will be closed.


All buses need to enter Lot E-1 from the NORTH entrance. The South entrance will be closed.


Cars can park in Lots E-1 or E-18. All cars need to enter the lots from the NORTH entrance. The South entrance will be closed.