Refer to this PARKING MAP for details and locations of lots and docks.

IMPORTANT: Due to a UW Husky home football game on Saturday, November 2nd, there is NO PARKING at UW on Saturday. This includes Lots E-1 and E-18.



If you are arriving at HOTL with a boat trailer, you MUST contact Don Kuehn and provide him with your contact information. 

  • If you are arriving with a trailer on Saturday, contact Don Kuehn for alternative parking arrangements.

  • On Sunday morning, trailers may start arriving at 4:30am through the NORTH Gate only. You MUST enter from the NORTH entrance of Lot E-1 (see map). No trailers will be allowed to enter through the South entrance of Lot E-18. 

  • You may park your trailer near the front of Lot E-18 temporarily to unload equipment before moving to a permanent location. Please do not block cars or other trailers if doing so. ALL trailers must remain parked in Lot E-18 during the regatta.


Due to congestion at Conibear Shellhouse, car-topped boats must launch and recover from the Waterfront Activity Center (WAC) near the old Canoe House on the south side of Husky Stadium (by Parking Lot E-12). The perimeter road between the docks and the WAC parking lot are for loading/unloading only. Do not leave your vehicle on this road or it will be ticketed and/or towed.


All buses need to enter Lot E-1 from the NORTH entrance. The South entrance will be closed.


Cars can park in Lots E-1 or E-18. All cars need to enter the lots from the NORTH entrance. The South entrance will be closed.