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Launching and landing hundreds of boats in a four-hour window takes considerable coordination​.

Your cooperation is critical to ensure all boats and crews participate in this event safely.

Viewing the pre-recorded Coaches & Coxswains is MANDATORY. 

In advance, take a moment to review some of the important rules for the day:

  • Do not use Parking Lot E-8 to rig or prep your boats. This lot should remain CLEAR AT ALL TIMES so that we can conduct safety checks and maneuver boats to-and-from the UW dock.

  • Do not leave oars on the dock unattended unless you are immediately launching. Oars are a tripping hazard, as are shoes and other equipment. Make sure your support team collects all crew gear from docks after launching.

  • Do affix your bow numbers to your boats prior to entering the launching area. You will not proceed to the dock without a bow number.

  • Do ensure your boats adhere to USRowing regulations for tie-downs and bow ball security.

  • Do bring your boats to the launching area BOW-FIRST. We do not have room at the dock to spin boats prior to launching.

  • Do have your coxswains lead their boats from the bow so that dockmasters can give them instructions.

  • Do launch and land your boats in an expedient manner. Unless there is a safety or equipment problem, boats should be launched and recovered swiftly.

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