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Head of the Lake is a USRowing Registered Regatta. We adhere to the USRowing Rules of Rowing as outlined in the USRowing Rules of Rowing Manual. Penalties and penalty codes can be found on RegattaCentral.


  • Dangerous corner at the Pocock Turn! If the racing shell of any crew or individual crosses over the port side buoy line the individual rower or crew may be disqualified.​

  • University Bridge Arches. The main large arch of the University Bridge by the Pocock Rowing Center is the racing arch. All shells traveling to the warm-up and the staging area in Lake Union must use the north arch of the University Bridge. The exception to this rule are boats returning to Pocock Rowing Center. They should travel on the non-racing side of the main arch and wait for the green flag to proceed across the racing lane to their dock.

  • No passing zones in the warm-up area. There are two no passing zones in the warm-up area. The Montlake Cut and 100m east of the University Bridge to the South end of Ivar’s restaurant as marked on the course map are no passing zones. Any crew or individual rower entering the warm up lanes (while racing) or racing lanes (while warming up) in these two areas may be excluded. Referee will determine this based on the circumstances.

  • Navigational buoy past Foster Island. If a crew holds down (port side) while making this turn the crew will be excluded. All rowers must keep rowing!  NOTE: If a crew has to hold down to avoid colliding with another crew the referee stationed there will take note and make an allowance for this.

  • Crossing a buoy. Where buoys mark the boundaries of the course a crew or individual rower will be penalized 10 seconds for each buoy they pass incorrectly.

  • Interference. Interference with another crew either failing to yield safely to allow a boat to pass (blocking their path intentionally) or the passing boat not allowing time for the crew they are passing to yield to the passer safely will result in a penalty being assessed. It will be at the referee’s discretion as to the penalty assessed.

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