Registration is now CLOSED

Please email to update registration information or inquire about late entry.


The regatta is limited to 475 entries so we accept applications as existing entries are scratched. The number of applications we can accept is based on the number of scratches we receive.


If you would like to swap an entry you have for a new entry, make an application for the new entry with your request. We will scratch the old entry, accept the new and apply the fees from the old entry to the new entry.


Singles:                        $45.00

Doubles:                      $75.00

Quads & Fours:        $100.00

Eights:                        $180.00


Click below for more details  on RegattaCentral.

PAYMENT DUE: October 25



  • Masters -- October 27

  •  Juniors, Collegiate, Open -- November 3

WAIVERS DUE: October 25 

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that all rowers have completed a USRowing Waiver​ online or bring a completed/signed paper waiver during packet pickup. Race packets WILL NOT be released to crews unless ALL rower waivers have been received by LWRC by day of race.